Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Creative writing Danger Dan-style at Macpherson Primary School

Authors Lesley-Anne and Monica were wowed by the creativity of the P4/1 kids at Macpherson Primary School. So many great ideas and drawings!

A huge thank you to teacher Ms Ivy Lee and the Singapore ASCD for providing schools with such wonderful opportunities to learn about writing.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sold out!

Not one, not two but THREE Danger Dan books have sold out and are going for reprints! In fact, Secrets of Singapore is now into its third print run.

Thank you for the support, DD fans!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Coming full circle

We were invited to give a school talk at St Hilda's Primary School and we immediately said "Yes!" SHPS is probably our favourite school ever. Why? Because it's author Lesley-Anne's primary school!

Always so nice to see your Principal and teachers again!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Storytelling time at Resorts World Singapore

Storytelling time at Imagine Native @ Resorts World Singapore!

The kids were thrilled by Mr Winston's reading of Danger Dan, complete with lion mask and rubber chicken!

Pinning Gadget Girl's computer hair clip on Mr Winston
Special appearance by Lesley-Anne's brother aka the lion!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Charmed by the students of Canadian International School

We met the Grade 1 & 2 students from the Canadian International School and they blew us away! According to Nadine, the librarian-teacher, each child borrows an average of 40 books a year from the school library.

That's awesomely awesome!

Monday, March 28, 2016

The new adventures of Danger Dan and Gadget Girl!

Danger Dan fans rejoice - your favourite time-travelling boy hero is baaaaack! This time, he's going to Gadget Girl's world in the future and they have a new furry friend!

Praise for the Danger Dan & Gadget Girl Series:

“This fast paced, time-travel adventure engages readers with its futuristic inventions and ideas. There is a thought-provoking message about the possible future of planet Earth, including the plight of endangered animals.”—Susan Grant, teacher librarian, ISS International School

“What is Singapore like in the year 2135? Certainly an intriguing premise, with an action-packed storyline that had my boys finish the book in one sitting!”—Kelvin Ang, author and daddy blogger at Cheekiemonkies

“Danger Dan boldly goes with Gadget Girl where no Mickey Mouse-eared boy has gone before—the Singapore Zoo of the twenty-second century! I'm frothing with superpowered glee to join this duo, and their new ally Power Paws, on their most madcap adventure yet.”—Gwee Li Sui, poet and graphic novelist

The first book of the new series will hit bookstores mid April. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the book here. Enjoy 10% discount for pre-orders of The Animal Abduction, as well as on all other Danger Dan books, including Secrets of Singapore. Apply the promo code DDGGLAUNCH2016 at the checkout. Promotion ends 30 April 2016.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Young fan of Secrets of Singapore!

We received this adorable picture of Caleb, 8, reading Secrets of Singapore.

His mum says: "He suddenly has a keen interest in Singapore's history. Started reading "Secrets of Singapore" written by Monica Lim & Lesley-Anne, and he can't seem to stop. Very easy to read with interesting snippets of fun facts. Can't find a better history book for kids that this. He's really loving it!"